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General Sales Conditions

  1. Prices
    1. All mentioned prices are net, including packing, delivery terms ex works (exception: anything else is mentioned or agreed)
    2. Prices are subject to change.
    3. Prices and technical data are subject to modification without prior notice.
    4. Currency is Swiss Francs (CHF) of Euro. Other currencies may be negotiated.

  2. Quotations
    Quotes are valid for 3 months from the date of issue. Request for other validity periods or extensions may be negotiated.

  3. Payment
    1. Switzerland
      1. Order below CHF 50’000.00: 30 days net.
      2. Order more that CHF 50’000.00: 1/2 of the total amount payable before starting production and 1/2 when goods are ready for shipment.
    2. Other countries
      1. Confirmed and irrevocable Letter of Credit (L/C) at sight drawn on Credit Swiss Bank in Zug/Switzerland or a recognized foreign bank, issued in favor of Renggli AG.
      2. The costs for the Letter of Credit (L/C) have to be paid by the buyer.
      3. 1/2 of the total amount payable before starting production and 1/2 when goods are ready for shipment or
      4. Partial or total payment in advance according to individual agreement.

  4. Banking Charges
    All banking charges outside Switzerland are to be borne by the purchaser.

  5. Delivery Period
    1. The usual delivery period is approx. 12 weeks after receipt of confirmed Letter of Credit (L/C) or payment as agreed and after clarification of all technical and commercial specifications. That means that you as the customer signed the drawings, and the order confirmation and therefore agree to all technical and commercial specifications.
    2. Any claims concerning a delay or penalties caused by additional changes after signing the order confirmation and drawings will be rejected.
    3. The delivery period will start on the day of signing the order confirmation and the drawings.
    4. Renggli AG will keep the agreed delivery date but disclaims all costs which may arise from delayed delivery caused by reasons beyond our control such as strike, lock-out, shortage of supplies etc. The buyer is not entitled to terminate or change his obligations, to cancel the contract or to request any kind of penalty or damage.

  6. Dispensation / Subsequent Delivery
    1. All additional changes as well as additional customer wishes will be listed on a separate invoice and cashed up. The subsequent delivery includes all mentioned items after signing the order confirmation and drawings. As an additional delivery will be regarded all changes after the production of the main order is going on.

  7. Title, Benefit & Risk
    Title, benefit & risk will be transferred to the purchaser once the goods have been forwarded to the carriers or shippers (exception according to INCOTERMS 2000).

  8. Shipment
    1. Standard delivery will be according to the INCOTERMS 2020 “EX WORKS” or according to a special agreement mentioned in the order confirmation.
    2. The packing is usually included in the contract confirmation. If a customer has special packing instructions and the packing will cause additional costs, Renggli AG will show and set it off as a separate item "additional packing costs".
    3. Shipment can be made according to customer instructions (INCOTERMS 2020). If no instructions are received, Renggli AG will deliver “EX WORKS”.
    4. Shipment, storage, delivery and insurance of the goods are at the purchasers’ own cost and risk (exception INCOTERMS 2020).

  9. Installation
    Renggli will provide on-site installation support only, if a supervisor or mounting staff are included in our order confirmation and shown as a separate item “supervisor included”. Preinstallation and acceptance protocol are to be carried out by the local representative and should be in accordance with local regulations and safety requirements.

  10. Warranty
    1. Product warranty on faulty material is valid for 12 (twelve) months from the date of installation, but no longer than 15 (fifteen) months from the date of shipment (exception according to your contract confirmation).
    2. Renggli AG disclaims any further obligation, apart from the above-mentioned replacement of the faulty material.
    3. The warranty is not valid for systems, options, or spare parts which have been subjected to misuse, accident, or incorrect wiring or servicing. Defects caused by improper installation, incorrect use of written recommendations such as installation, operation, and service manuals, or by reasons of force major are not covered by the warranty.

  11. Cancellation
    Orders canceled may be subject to cancellation charges (25pct of order value).

  12. Applicable Law and Venue
    1. These general conditions of sales and delivery shall be interpreted and governed by Swiss law. The UN-Agreement governing Provisions on International Contracts of Sales (“Wiener Kaufrecht”) dated April 11th, 1980, is not applicable.
    2. Court of jurisdiction, Zug (Switzerland).

  13. Validity
    These General Sales Conditions (GSC) are binding. Special condition and/or requirements of the purchaser are only valid if accepted and confirmed by Renggli AG, in written form.

  14. Acceptance of order
    1. The order acceptance requires a written order confirmation and drawings signed by the purchaser in every case.
    2. Renggli AG rejects every liability claim as it stands in connection with the General Sales Condition (GSC) and you didn’t take into account at the execution of the order.

Changes are left up to us, it is in your interest that you are in the possession of the most current version of the General Sales Condition (GSC).