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Salvis TEQ

«SalvisTEQ looks ahead, thinks for itself and adapts, and does so at every stage of the process.»

The new Model Predictive controller and a high-resolution colour touch screen once again make SalvisLab a pioneer in trend-setting laboratory technology.

A SalvisTEQ controller monitors and registers the historical progression of process variables. With the predictive controller which was developed in house, we use equipment-specific process models of dynamic behaviour, which means the controller knows at all times what it has done, where exactly it is, where it wants to go and how it can achieve the outcome in the most efficient way.

The advantages of the SalvisTEQ controller are very clear in comparison to PID controllers normally used in the sector:

  • shorter heating-up times
  • dynamic control behaviour
  • no dead or waiting times
  • higher precision


Safety class 3.3


SalvisLab has upgraded the safety of the controller. All SalvisTEQ controllers are in safety class 3.3 as standard, which means they have lower and upper-temperature limit protection.




  1. Mechanical temperature limiter
  2. Electronic temperature limiter
  3. Setpoint temperature
  4. Electronic over-temperature protection
  5. Electronic under-temperature protection
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